uBar 3 Launch

uBar 3 is launching this week. Major new features include positioning on any side of the screen (bottom, left, right, top), rimless mode (no margins around items), window previews (on hover), and timepieces (display built-in or custom dials above the hover calendar).


As I did last year to launch uBar 2, I’m sponsoring this week’s The Talk Show by John Gruber. So look forward to TTS Episode 132…!

Why I just Cancelled My Apple Music Subscription

So after a few months on the Apple Music trial, I just cancelled the auto-renewal on the subscription using my iPhone. It’s actually quite well hidden – you have to go to Settings>App and iTunes Stores, tap your Apple ID, tap View Apple ID, enter your password, tap Manage under Subscriptions, tap Your Membership, and toggle Automatic Renewal.

While it may appear as though I’m making a point about Apple obfuscating the method of cancelling the Apple Music trial from hapless customers who were lured-in by the trial, I’m not – there’s just so much stuff in iOS that that was probably as easy as it could be.

As for why I cancelled it, the answer is that it simply isn’t what I thought it would be. Instead of being the entire iTunes catalogue at my fingertips (integrated as if it was my own library), it was just loads of incomprehensible UI and playlists and “radio stations” (which are basically more playlists) in iTunes on my Mac and the Music app on my iPhone. I’ll stick to my music Library, because that’s all I really wanted.