iPhone X

After a few weeks of having the iPhone X (upgraded from an iPhone 7 Plus), some quick remarks:

  • The screen size is perfect. It’s basically the width of an iPhone 7 with more height, and virtually the whole screen surface is used. Far better than the iPhone 7 Plus, which is way too wide. The only reason I had a 7 Plus was battery.
  • The screen itself, which is OLED, seems inferior to me. I can see the lines between pixels up close, and it seems a bit blurry.
  • The battery is about as good as it was on the Plus. I think it’s officially a bit less, but I can’t tell.
  • Wireless charging is terrible. At least with the Belkin charger. You have to set it spot-on, otherwise it doesn’t charge. Hopefully the official Apple charger will be better. I still charge by cable.
  • The camera/sensory array area at the top is not a problem. I see the status-area sides around it as bonus, rather than the camera area as a minus. Not an issue.
  • Getting used to sliding-up for home is not a problem. The only software downside is “closing” apps, which is somewhat un-intuitive.
  • Face ID is terrible. Yes, it’s technologically impressive. But instead of paying by holding my phone to a payment machine, I’m now having to awkwardly double-click the right-button, and then hold my face parallel to the phone and therefore the payment machine. It’s awkward, annoying, and tends to fail when you have people waiting on you. Did I mention that it doesn’t work in the dark? Face ID should be a feature on-top of Touch ID. NOT a replacement.

In conclusion, between the iPhone X and the iPhone 7 Plus… it’s a wash. You get a better screen format, but you lose Touch ID and get a technology that should have been an add-on as opposed to a replacement.